Keychron Q1 HE

Keychron Q1 HE

A 75% Wireless Magnetic Switch Keyboard - Knob Version

On December 1, 2023, I backed Keychron's Kickstarter project for the Q1 HE Keyboard, a compact 75% layout wireless QMK custom magnetic switch keyboard. The starting price of $194 seemed very reasonable for a keyboard of this calibre.

Shortly after, I received an email stating that this Kickstarter project met its funding target in an hour! Of course, this is not surprising, considering Keychron's popularity and reputation for building quality keyboards.

The keyboard arrived on Monday, 13 May 2024. Typical of every Keychron keyboard kit, everything you need is included: keyboard, USB-C > USB-C braided cable, 2.4 GHz dongle, USB-C/USB-A adapter, "Windows" keycaps and an "ins" keycap, Quick Start Guide, and User Guide.

Simply put, this keyboard exceeded my expectations out of the box. It is the quietest Hall Effect keyboard I've had at my fingertips. I purchased all three linear switch options available, and the only discerning feature between them is the start and end force: Dawn (30/50 gf), Nebula (40/60 gf), and Aurora (50/70 gf).

I swapped the Nebula switches with Dawn switches which have slightly lighter start and end forces. If I didn't know better, they have the sound and feel of Gateron's G-Pro 3.0 Silver switches with two-stage springs except for the 4mm full travel.

The keyboard supports wired (USB-C), 3 Bluetooth, and 2.4 GHz connections. The keyboard has RGB lighting with 22 patterns to make things even more exciting. Brightness, Hue, and Speed control are also available using "fn" key combinations.

Serving as volume control and mute button, the knob is stable, minimal to no wobble, and has a nice ratchet feel.

The keyboard's online "launcher" software completes its many features. The online software can configure keys, establish actuation and reset points, rapid trigger, and control lighting to tailor your keyboard to your exact needs.

Explore more functions and create your keymap/macro by clicking

Remapping keys is very similar to the VIA app.

Although I've only been using this keyboard for a few days, it is clear that Keychron is paying attention to enthusiasts. The keyboard has the typical Keychron look, the keycap legends are crisp and clear, and the fingers settle nicely onto the keycap profile.

I shouldn't complain, but the stabilizers were not as quiet as I expected, considering how quiet the rest of the keyboard is. The problem was readily resolved with a small GPL 205 G0 lubricant injection into the stabilizer stems and bars.

Overall, I highly recommend this keyboard as it represents an excellent value for the money.

Posted 16-May-2024

Keychron Q1 Kickstarter Project

Note: WS Dash HE Switches will NOT work with this keyboard.

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