NotFromSam S65 and S80 Keyboards

Plain and simple, I love these keyboards. I bought another one of each NotFromSam S65/80 V2 Keyboard Kit | KeebsForAll.

S65/80 V2 Keyboard Kit:

  • Case Material - Aluminium

  • Weight Material - Aluminium (Color: Brass)

  • FR4 Plate

  • Solder/Hotswap PCB (Split right shift & Stepped Capslock Support)

  • Top Mount

  • Typing Angle - 7 Degrees

  • 390 x 125 x 20mm

  • Weight - 2.5kg

  • ANSI & ISO support, WK/WKL support

  • 3.5-inch IPS Screen

  • Poron Foam Kit

  • Fixing Hardware & Feet

My Order

3.5-inch IPS Screen

  • The screen can work with hwinfo64 using their data engine. There is a matching plug-in, which will automatically load when booting.

  • Monitoring Functions: CPU, RAM, HDD, GPU Temp, Network Info, Fan speed etc.

  • Basic Info Display: Computer Model, Location, Date, Time etc.

  • Other Info Display: Weather, Host Volume, Custom Display

  • Wallpaper Mode: 480x320 Image as Wallpaper which can be displayed alone or superimposed for an information display

  • Custom Theme: Preset Theme and theme editing function

  • It does not function as a second display, so it cannot support GIFs or extended desktops. For information or aesthetics only and will display JPEG/BMP

The 3.5" screen can be used to display a lot of information and there are a number of themes to choose from, making this keyboard a unique addition to your desktop.

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