Ultimate Hacking Keyboard - UHK 60 V2

Ultimate Hacking Keyboard - UHK 60 V2

Coming soon to my desktop!

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Ultimate Hacking Keyboard – The keyboard For professionals: Unique split keyboard design, ergonomic, and available with unique and convenient attachments.

I couldn't help but order the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard, which may be the closest I've seen to becoming the ideal keyboard. I ordered all available attachments for this keyboard as well.

I look forward to the day this keyboard, and its peripherals arrive.

  • UHK 60 V2 - Silent Pink (30gf) - Black Case

  • Key Cluster Module with Silent Pink Switches (30gf)

  • Trackpoint Module

  • Trackball Module

  • Touchpad Module

  • UHK 60 v2a Palm Rest

I will update this post with pictures and my initial experience with this keyboard soon after it arrives.

It Arrived!

My UHK keyboard is pictured as the header of this post! I just plugged it in and I'm working on the setup to familiarize myself with all the features. Out of the box, this keyboard is more and better than I expected.

My initial impression is, WOW!