Keyboard Nostalgia

As someone who has been typing for more years than I care to mention, I am impressed by some of today's high-tech keyboards. However, I still enjoy the nostalgia of the machines I used when I first learned to type many years ago.

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I already own a QWERKYTOYS Qwerkywriter S Typewriter (USD 249.99) keyboard, which creates its fair share of conversation. I purchased the FINEDAY keyboard 3.0 (USD 335.00) for its similar appeal.

Both offer all the connectivity benefits of modern keyboards. The knobs on each side of the "carriage" present functionality that is not found on other keyboards. The lever even serves as the ENTER key by default.

These keyboards are designed to bring a little nostalgia to your desktop with all the benefits a modern keyboard offers and a few, like the integrated tablet or phone stand, that modern keyboards simply can't or don't.

As a regular keyboard, I enjoy the look and feel of these keyboards, and they add a little ambience to the room.