Keyboards, Direct Buys, and FEES

Keyboards, Direct Buys, and FEES

I order numerous items through Amazon for convenience and to save me time from "shopping around" in the real world. Deliveries managed by Amazon are typically delivered on time and without additional hassles. I also realized that, unless I shop around, I am sometimes better off buying directly from the seller.

There is a caveat, though. You may be required to pay additional fees, including delivery fees, import duties and/or tax and customs clearance service charges. Carriers will not deliver your package unless these fees are paid before or at the time of delivery.

I recently paid CAD 86.09 in customs clearance fees for a keyboard I purchased directly from the seller. In the long run, it was still the better decision. However, these fees exist. This is often the case for Canadians buying products from other countries.

You may also find yourself paying for the delivery of your item, and you may not have a choice over the carrier used. Some sellers offer several options depending on your time and budget.

If you're not careful, purchasing a lower-priced keyboard may cost you more money in the long run after adding in the extra costs. It wouldn't be the first time the product's value was less than the shipping cost.

I like to avoid surprises whenever and wherever possible. Make informed decisions and wise purchases.

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