Keychron's Q1 HE Keyboard

Keychron is stepping into the realm of magnetic switches with their new Q1 HE Keyboard. At one time, this was a realm only available through brands such as Wooting or SteelSeries.

As a keyboard enthusiast, I have many keyboards, including all of the Keychron Q-series keyboards. I'm excited to learn that Keychron is introducing its own magnetic switches. Combined with Keychron's high quality build expertise, this should prove to be a great keyboard experience.

This is rolling out as a Kickstarter project on December 5, 2023, and I will be certain to sign up for mine.

As I write this, Wooting announced their new Wooting 60HE+ Module that allows you to choose your own keycaps, switches, and case. The new PCBA, with pre-installed PC switch plate, is redesigned to include screw-in stabilizers to eliminate or reduce rattle and, to reduce overall volume, you can choose to have a pre-installed silicon or poron pad.