Wooting Keyboard Upgrades

I received an email from Wooting on August 25 and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Wooting has released three new products for enthusiasts and the 60HE keyboard specifically. The question is, "Are these accessories worthy of the asking price?"

  1. Wooting Alumaze60 - 60% aluminum case.

    • The case is made from 5052 aluminum and is not typical of the 6063 aluminum alloy of competing keyboard manufacturers. 5052 is a tougher grade of aluminum and will likely weather better over time.

    • The $170 price tag is high for a case alone. I would attribute the higher price tag to the 5052 aluminum, as this is not as readily available as the 6000 series alloys.

    • While the case appears to be an attractive option, I am reminded that the Tofu60 Redux case ($59.00 USD) and the Tofu60 Redux Brass weight bar ($25.00 USD), available from KBDfans.com, are a less expensive option.

    • It is worth noting that silicon feet can be used to change the angle of the Wooting aluminum case, ranging from 4 to 7 degrees. The Tofu60 Redux case is fixed at 7 degrees.

  1. PC plate kit for the Wooting 60HE.

    • The 60HE can be a "clacky" sounding keyboard, and this PC kit, combined with the aluminum case, can change that. The kit includes a poron foam and silicon pad to further dampen the sounds that may resonate from the keycaps and switches.

    • The PC plate kit seems reasonable at $29.00 and is a worthy investment.

  2. Wooting detachable coiled/straight cable.

    • The detachable cable consists of several components, including a shorter cable variant. At $72.00, the price of the cable kit is more than most would be willing to pay, and its value can only be tested in practice.

While we're on the topic of upgrades, it is worth noting that Wooting also offers a lighter 45cn switch (30cn to actuate) at $52.00 for a pack of 70 switches. Switches are a matter of personal preference. I prefer linear switches with a lighter actuation force.

KBDfans offers a comparable Gateron Magnetic Orange Linear Switch in packs of 70 for $42.00 US. You can also get a GATERON KS-20 Magnetic Hall Sensor Switch Set directly from Gateron.

Is it worth the investment?

Unfortunately, except for the PC plate kit, Wooting may be a little late to the party, considering the accessories available from KBDfans at substantially lower prices. The aluminum case is expensive and likely out of reach for most budget-conscious enthusiasts, especially considering other options such as the Tofu60.

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